Quotes from reviews of live concerts

“… A band which really lives up to its promise, especially on festivals …” (Henri Grootenhuis, Bluespress.nl)

“… a mix of Funk, Jazz and Blues, leading to aroused emotions. An exciting cross-over style, sometimes futuristically dare-devilish , however, drawing attention …” (Johanna Zeuner, Verdener Aller Zeitung)

“… Great mood on stage as well as in front of the stage. The Dutch band around the stirring singer Mariëlla Tirotto delivered an excellent show …” (HP)

“… original material, several times they knew how to bring the audience in the big hall to big applause, cheering and goose bumps …” (Jelle Willers, Bredavandaag.nl)

“… Such an intense and lively band is seldom experienced; they truly enrich the international scene with their intense and authentic blues …” (Axel Engels, Stadt Rheine)

“… More than ever there was an exuberant party mood at ‘Kult’ …” (Susanne Ehrlich, Verdener Nachrichten)

“…I think this band … will effortless rock out clubs and festivals again in the near future …” (Herbert Schluter, voor Bluesmagazine.nl)

“…In the last years the Blues Federation has grown into what we call the premier league of Dutch Blues. Quite rightly they recently won the Dutch National Blues Award…Each and every one of them skilled in the art, with a great love for blues …” (Arie Verheul, Stichting BLUESinWIJK)

“… 120 minutes of the very best of blues follows … Conclusion: An explosion of delightful blues music, this band must be heard more often …” (Saal Birgit, Viersen, on Juke Joint Bluesradio)

“… Snowy White polishes with soft tones/ Mariëlla Tirotto eroticizes at bar “Flames”… Mariëlla and her boys rock the place with their lively trips into the world of Jazz-, Funk- and -Latin rock …” (Tobias Tschapka, Donaukurier.de)

“… This blues touches your soul deeply…” (Michel Preumont, Rootsville.be)

“… Mariella Tirotto und »The Blues Federation» really rocked the place during their concert at »Flames»…On the stage of Bar »Flames» the female singer and her »Blues Federation» show that blues can contain lots of emotional fuel … With that the »Blues Federation» with her humorous forewoman is recommended for bigger tasks …” (Hans von Draminski, Hilpoltsteiner Zeitung)

“… Mariëlla, petite, apparently fragile, puts up a grand show, supported by an impressive band and rhythm section …” (Fons Kersbulck, Bluesmagazine)

“… The sounds of the band, a mixture of blues, funk, rock, jazz and Latin and the sultry voice of Mariëlla were the perfect mix to start this sunny day …” (Ton Kok, The Bluesman)

“… Blues rock in the broadest sense, combined with Jazz, Soul and Latin, was offered to the audience, served with an excellent, well balanced sound …” (Claus Kohlmann, Hildesheimer Allgemeine)

“… Mariëlla Tirotto and her band swirled through the Hafenhaus and the crowd loved it … mainly because of the Dutch guests who were present this Blues night was a special experience, if only musically speaking …” (Karl-Heinz Janssen, Emder Zeitung)

“… The group effortlessly charms the audience …” (Anke Mensink, Block Magazine)

“… Mariella Tirotto & the Blues Federation is a must!!!! Last week they played at my club and believe me, the crowd went crazy!!!! Awesome band with a golden voice in front and a great first CD!! …” (Peter van Maris, Het Wapen van Hilversum)

“… Excellent musicians … Mariella and her Federation have mastered the various styles of blues quite well and to them there’s nothing to it to switch from some jazz blues to a rock blues …” (Freddy, Rootsville)

“… Blues with a touch of jazz is very much appreciated by the audience, for it’s very crowded, people are even sitting on the stairs in order not to miss anything of this band …” (Wil Wijnhoven, Bluesbreeker)

“… From the first song it was already clear we were dealing with a bunch of excellent musicians… It was a very varied performance in which ballads and up-tempo numbers alternated beautifully …” (Babs van Geffen, Bluesrockpagina)

“… At exactly half past one Mariella Tirotto & the Blues Federation started at the main stage…So, a great start of the 18th edition of Zoetermeer Blues …” (Jack, Jack’s Blues)

Quotes about Bandmembers

Heins Greten – piano / Hammond / Rhodes

(…) Greten simply stacks Roland piano and Hammond organ and plays than one, than the other, either in the finest Hammond Retro melancholy either with jazzy, crossover-like, imaginative piano riffs that add extraordinary color and versatility to the Blues … (Susanne Ehrlich,Verdener Nachrichten)

(…) in which the great artistic experience of piano- and Hammond player Heins Greten stood out. He knew how to perform the unique, not to be replicated sound of the Hammond in an exquisite way; his improvisations enriched every song and the exquisite tone color was in perfect harmony with … (Axel Engels, Stadt Rheine)

(…) Herman Brood’s ‘Window Of My Eyes’ focuses on the musical talent of piano player Heins Greten … (Noel Verleyen, Back to the Roots)

(…) Black coffee…a relaxed song with the jazzy piano by Heins, who practises the principle “less is more” in his solo, thereby bringing on the right atmosphere … (Eric Campfens, Barnowl Blues, for Bluesforum.nl and Bluesmagazine.nl)

(…) with a divine piano performance by Heins Greten … (Freddy, Rootsville)

(…) starting with a marvellous piano-intro … (Babs van Geffen, Bluesrockpagina)

(…) piano player Heins Greten (Mariëlla’s husband) came very much into his own … (Fons Kersbulck, Bluesmagazine)

(…) Heins Greten, who withdrew enchanting, melancholic chords from his instrument … (Ralf Kapries, Neue Westfälische)

Loek van der Knaap – guitar

(…) also guitarist Loek van der Knaap played very passionate …” (Martin Borck)

(…) add to this the playing in Jimi Hendrix-style by guitarist Loek van der Knaap, in a dialog with Heins Greten, which resulted in a genuine musical battle; the pleasure of the audience present was obvious and was expressed in pure joy … (Axel Engels, Stadt Rheine)

(…) When all of this takes place within just a few more than 8 bars and at the same time sounds beautifully melodic, only one word comes to mind: craftsmanship! (…) Just as memorable is Loek’s solo in the funky ‘I just wanna make love to you’ … listen … how Loek, despite the funky licks, takes his time to present his ideas in a ringing way … (Gitarist)

Arno Hagemans – bass / double bass

(…) bassist Arno Hagemans, whose self-conscious and melodious sound was top league … (Susanne Erhlich, Verdener Nachrichten)

(…) bassist Arno Hagemans laid down a solid musical foundation en played excellent accents in his virtuoso performance … (Axel Engels, Stadt Rheine)

John Kakiay – drums

(…) the band is tight. For the greater part one has to give credit for that to the phenomenal drummer John Kakiay. He is the Grand Master of grooving. Little people can swing as effortless as he does, switching from one musical mood to another … (Claus Kohlmann, Hildesheimer Allgemeine)

(…) drummer John Kakiay had a lot of success, playing a sensational drum solo, almost drowned out by the applause and the cheers of the crowd … (Fons Kersbulck, Bluesmagazine)

(…) in every song you can hear the great talent of drummer John Kakiay. The little man with the big headphones switches from one rhythm to another effortlessly … (Bert Lek, Bobtje’s Blues Pages)

(…) The accompaniment by the tightly playing drummer John Kakiay … provided a solid foundation … (Eric Campfens, Barnowlblues)

(…) and all neatly and tightly backed up by a strict rhythm … (Blueswalker, Rootstime)

(…) Drummer John Kakiay has a steady hand and a tight sense of rhythm … (Ton Kok, The Bluesman)